Your prosthesis moves around in your mouth? Consider implants

Do you have difficulty chewing? Are your gums painful when you eat raw vegetables? Does your prosthesis move in your mouth and cause you frequent mouth injuries? You may be due for prosthetic implants.

Implants are the like artificial tooth roots used to hold your dental prosthesis. You regain your ability to chew efficiently and comfortably. A specialized surgeon will insert a few dental implants on which your prosthesis will be mounted for stability.

Firstly, two minor surgeries are carried out under local anaesthesia. They are no more painful than having a few teeth removed. After a ten-day healing period, you may once again start wearing your prosthesis with temporary padding. Four months later, a second surgical intervention will serve to insert the visible portion of the implants—that will hold your prosthesis—in your mouth. Next, your new removable prosthesis will be fabricated and adjusted.

Government health insurance systems do not cover the costs of prosthetic implants. However, this investment in your quality of life is income tax deductible and therefore more affordable than it may appear at first glance. Besides, it’s first and foremost the expertise of the “dental surgeon-denturist” team that should guide your choice for healthier living.



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