When should you replace your dental prosthesis?

Dental prosthesis are designed to last about five years. However, your denturist has the necessary expertise and qualifications to determine when you need to have your prosthesis replaced. By consulting your denturist on a yearly basis to have your prosthesis examined and cleaned, you’ll prevent problems including the bad habits that people develop when their prosthesis needs adjusting, a new base or a full replacement.

The following signs should alert you to a problem: your prosthesis does not adhere well to your gum, it moves around, it does not allow you to properly chew food, it ages your face, it has yellowed and causes you discomfort or pain. There are other signs that only your denturist will be able to detect.

When designing your high-quality prosthesis, your denturist will see to minimizing the change’s impact on your mouth. During the replacement process, the denturist will make sure that your new prosthesis blends in perfectly with your evolving facial features over time. Each new prosthesis requires a period of adaptation, and it’s perfectly normal. Your denturist will inform you on ways to facilitate and shorten this period of adaptation.

Always remember that wearing a prosthesis that is 10 or 15 years old will unavoidably cause often irreversible facial transformations. The longer you wait before having your prosthesis replaced, the more your appearance and comfort will be affected… subtly and without you necessarily being aware of it.


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