How to choose your denturist

Before having a first dental prosthesis inserted or an existing prosthesis replaced, you surely ask yourself who you should choose as your denturist. On what criteria should you base your choice? It’s not an easy decision to make seeing as you can’t try out the product before having it made.

Some consumers place a great deal of importance on price and the time required to have their prosthesis fabricated. But making an informed decision cannot rest on these two criteria alone.

Indeed, from one prosthesis to the next, price will always vary depending on the amount of custom work required. The denturist will certainly want to set the price of your prosthesis after a preliminary examination—usually done free of charge. As for the time needed to fabricate the prosthesis, it will depend mainly on the type of prosthesis you are having made. Anywhere from three to seven appointments will be necessary.

The best way to choose your denturist remains through word of mouth. Observe the smiles around you. When you see a set of artificial teeth that look natural, ask the person who is wearing the prosthesis if it is comfortable to wear and if they are satisfied with their denturist’s services. Next, make an appointment with the professional for an examination, usually offered free of charge. Do not hesitate to ask any and all questions that you may have! The denturist’s answers and recommendations should set you on the right path.

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