Painful gums? Opt for a soft base!

Your gums are painful since some time? Your dental prosthesis may be injuring your gums even though it was carefully adjusted. You cannot see anything with the naked eye because your gums lose mass and get thinner over time. You may have also noticed that your dental prosthesis is less and less comfortable to wear and moves around more and more in your mouth. This undoubtedly results from a condition known as atrophying of the gums. Luckily, there exists a type of prosthesis that could solve your problem: a prosthesis with a soft base.

Used mainly for the lower denture, the soft base is a sort of cushion that forms a part of your prosthesis. The soft base is more porous and therefore adheres more firmly to your remaining gum tissue. It is more stable in your mouth and less irritant for the mucous membranes. When preparing your prosthesis, your denturist will install the soft base by heating it on the inner surface of the prosthesis.

The a soft base will not stop the gum from receding. In fact, your gums are continually evolving in shape and thickness. Therefore, to ensure that your soft base prosthesis provides you with a constant level of comfort over time, you will need to have it checked on a yearly basis and replaced if necessary. Maximum adherence of your prosthesis will keep your gums healthier longer. And because of its porous texture, the soft base is harder to clean. An annual examination will therefore help to prevent hygiene issues. Your denturist is in a position of recommending highly efficient cleaning products.





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