Dental implants — A Third generation of teeth!


Our teeth serve several important and essential functions. Healthy teeth facilitate efficient mastication, which in turn greatly facilitates the digestive process. Masticatory effectiveness is essential for consuming a varied diet and staying healthy. Beyond comfort considerations, a healthy and aesthetic set of teeth is also an important source of psychological security and satisfaction to maintain healthy levels of personal and social esteem.

Unfortunately, total or partial tooth loss is a common condition among adults. For many people, this condition causes a great deal of discomfort and greatly diminishes their quality of life.

Today, dental implantology is so advanced that it can provide very satisfactory solutions to the major problems caused by total or partial tooth loss.

Come in and meet us (free consultation) ). We’ll provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision with respect to your dental implants. It will be our pleasure to explain to you the specific treatments that are available to correct your condition.


What is an implant?

It’s simply a titanium pillar that permanently bonds to bone tissue. This innovative technique developed by Swedish orthopedic surgeon Per-Ingvar Brånemark has been used successfully since 1965.


Total tooth loss

Total tooth loss is a common situation among adults. Wearing a full prosthesis results in bone resorption which often causes discomfort to patients:

  • Difficulty chewing
  • Unpleasant movements of the prosthesis that injures the gum tissue
  • Greatly diminished quality of life

  • Dental implantology is so advanced today that it produces very satisfactory results to correct the major problems caused by total tooth loss.

    Bar-retained removable prosthesis

    barre implants

    The implants are mounted on a metallic structure (a bar) to solidify them and support your prosthesis. The prosthesis is hardly supported by the gum.

    This is the best option for patients who wish to keep a removable prosthesis yet want to benefit from all of the advantages of dental implants.


    Nobody likes the idea of undergoing dental surgery! We fully understand!

    Dental implants are usually inserted under local anesthesia by a dental surgeon and the procedure is generally not very painful. Thanks to implantology, your dental prosthesis will become as sturdy as your natural teeth! Although less frequent, it is also possible to attach a prosthetic implant to the upper jaw. Contact us for information.

    A third set of teeth

    Your case must be carefully examined before undertaking such a project:

  • Medical history
  • Clinical and radiological examinations
  • Prosthetics guide
  • Surgical guide

  • Once a decision has been made regarding the type of prosthesis, we consult a surgeon to assess and plan the number of implants, surgical steps and prosthetic phases. Contact us to find out if implantology is right for you.
    piliers implants

    Implants case - work of Dr Éric Chatelain, dental surgeon of the Dental Implants Society (DIS)

    You may also download the brochure of
    the Association des Denturologistes du Québec
    titled: « Prothèse dentaire amovible sur implants ».

    (available in French only).

    You may also download the brochure of
    the Association des Denturologistes du Québec
    titled: « Vos prothèses dentaires ».

    (available in French only).




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