Anti-Snoring device — Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAS)

A mandibular advancement splint (or MAS) is used for the treatment of snoring or sleep apnea. It can replace C.P.A.P. or be used in addition to C.P.A.P.

If you snore regularly or are constantly sleepy during the daytime, you may suffer from sleep apnea. As widespread as asthma and diabetes, sleep apnea is often poorly diagnosed and not much is known on the extent of the condition in the population.

What exactly is sleep apnea?

Normally, the muscles that control the upper airways relax during sleep. If they become too relaxed, the upper airways collapse and this will cause certain people to begin snoring. If the upper airways become too collapsed, the person may experience difficulty breathing. Sometimes, the airways collapse completely and the person will stop breathing temporarily. This condition is known as “obstructive sleep apnea.” The person can stop breathing for ten seconds or more and the condition can repeat itself several hundred times per night.


Possible health consequence of sleep apnea

  • Sleepiness and intense desire to sleep during the day
  • Morning headaches or abnormal fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating or paying attention
  • Memory loss or memory lapses
  • Morning sore throat
  • Impact on the partner’s sleep quality
  • High blood pressure
  • There is a solution: the anti-snoring device

    A computer-fabricated anti-snoring device is the solution to stop SNORING. It’s an device that is worn each night to keep the lower jaw in a forward position and increase the diameter of the airways to facilitate breathing.

    Wearing an anti-snoring device provides immediate results as early as the first nights it is worn.

    Benefits of wearing an anti-snoring device:

  • More balanced relations with your spouse
  • Prevention of headaches
  • Improved ability to concentrate
  • Participation in new hunting and fishing trips
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