Your First Prosthesis

You need to have a dental prosthesis made but are not sold on the idea of spending three months without your teeth while waiting for your gums to heal? Rest assured: immediate dental prosthesis are the perfect solution for you.

To guarantee that your prosthesis resembles your natural teeth and provides you with a maximum level of comfort, your immediate prosthesis must absolutely be fabricated by your denturist once he or she has extracted one or more of your natural teeth. It is then inserted by the denturist immediately after the dentist’s intervention.

Not only will it make your life easier and allow you to return to work sooner, the immediate prosthesis provides several other benefits. It protects mouth tissue, prevents bleeding, favours healing throughout the mouth and helps you to speak and chew more efficiently. The transition from your natural teeth to your first prosthesis is therefore an easier experience.

However, your immediate prosthesis will require several adjustments because your gums will take some time to heal. Your denturist will take care of adjusting and relining your prosthesis to prevent health problems. It is essential that you visit your denturist on a regular basis during the healing period; not having your immediate prosthesis adjusted properly could cause considerable damage to the soft tissue in your mouth and require surgery over the long term.

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