Have You Contemplated the Idea of a Mouth Guard?

Do you play sports or are you a member of a sports team? Or maybe your children or grandchildren? You may believe that every part of your body is protected from potential injuries, but what about your mouth? Have you contemplated the idea of having a mouth guard made?


Studies show that North Americans lose millions of teeth every year while playing sports. In fact, mouth injuries are much more common than one would believe. In the practice of sports, mouth injuries are the most common of all oro-facial

Role of a mouth guard

On top of its main role which is to protect the teeth and lips, an intraoral mouth guard also reduces the intensity of impacts that can cause concussions, neck injuries and jaw fractures, i.e., the most frequent injuries suffered while playing sports or practicing other athletic activities.

Protecteur buccal

The mouth guard is placed between the upper and lower teeth, separates the arches from one another and prevents contact between the condyles and the wall of the glenoid cavity. The mouth guard also prevents the condyles from moving upward and backward and prevents the teeth from injuring the tongue and lips in the event of an impact.

For all of the above reasons, Hockey Québec
recommends wearing a custom-made mouth guard.

Why opt for a custom-made mouth guard?


A custom-made mouth guard is more effective to prevent and reduce injuries. It is fabricated to protect the athlete’s individual tooth structure and is therefore better adapted to the athlete’s mouth, which reduces the risk of it being dislodged in the event of a violent impact.


It is a recognized fact that a prefabricated mouth guard can restrict by up to 25% the amount of air breathed into the lungs and hinder performance by as much. A custom-made mouth guard will not hinder respiratory functions; to the contrary, it will provide increased oxygen to the lungs and therefore improve the athlete’s performance.


Designed to fit like a glove, a custom-made mouth guard improves elocution and normal mouth movements. Not only does it provide you with an optimal level of protection but it also allows you to speak almost normally. That alone makes it a smart choice.


A custom-made mouth guard is more comfortable, which will encourage the athlete to wear it and keep it in his mouth whenever he plays sports or does athletics. Users end up forgetting they’re even wearing it.

Mouth guards are particularly recommended for contact sports with high risks of falls:

  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Downhill sports (skiing, sliding)
  • Basketball
  • Mountain biking
  • Etc
  • You may also download the brochure of
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