Standard ou Precision Prosthesis?


A standard dental prosthesis is mounted on a non-adjustable hinged articulator or on a semi-adjustable articulator that provides for very limited movements.

Thanks to technological progress in dental equipment, the industry has designed and fabricated an articulator that very closely reproduces the patient’s natural mouth movements. The use of a facebow (a device that complements the precision articulator) results in a more accurate occlusal plane.

articulateur de precision

Precision articulator

When you eat, your jaws move on either side. The precision articulator reproduces this lateral movement because the device is adjustable to the condylar angles. In concrete terms, for patients who do not have extensive gum tissue, cannot receive implants or do not want to have implants inserted, this method will provide them with increased comfort and stability.

This method results in a precision dental prosthesis.

You may also download the brochure of the Association
des Denturologistes du Québec titled:
« Vos prothèses dentaires - conseils d'hygiène».
(available in French only).


articulateur de précision

Standard Articulator

articulateur de précision

Standard Articulator




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