A partiel, it’s a necessity!

Replacing one or several missing teeth should not be considered optional. Indeed, it’s a necessity because the teeth surrounding those that are missing will eventually move.

Partial tooth loss also leads to trouble chewing food and poor digestion because the stomach has to work harder. Your remaining teeth also have to work harder because they are submitted to increased pressures when you chew and therefore wear down faster.

Furthermore, partial support on a toothless jaw causes unbalance and instability and represents a major source of pain and discomfort.

Wearing a partial prosthesis may help prevent pain in the neck and ears as well as headaches and also improve facial appearance.

Partial tooth loss may also lead to a deterioration of facial appearance by creating an ageing effect.


You may also download the brochure of
the Association des Denturologistes du Québec titled:
« Vos prothèses dentaires - entretien »
(available in French only).

Incomplete dentition can change the appearance of the face, often giving an aging appearance.





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