Short questionnaire...

1)  Are you limited to eating soft foods?

2)  Do you apply adhesive to your prosthesis?

3)  Do you have difficulty chewing?

4)  Do you suffer from digestive or stomach problems?

5)  Do you feel pain in your joints?

6)  Do you feel nauseous?

7)  Are your gums sensitive?

8)  Do you have ulcers in your mouth?

9)  Are you afraid or embarrassed to talk or smile in public?

10)  Do you experience difficulty speaking with your prosthesis in your mouth?

11)  Is your mouth dry?

12)  Are you under the impression that your facial features have gotten shorter?

13)  Are you under the impression that you have more wrinkles?

14)  Do you have difficulty tasting your food?

15)  Is your dental prosthesis more than 5 years old?

16)  Do you like the appearance of your prosthesis?

17)  Did you answer yes to several of the above questions?

All dental health organizations recommend having your prosthesis replaced every five to eight years at most.

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When is the last time you visited your denturist?




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